About us

       History of Dorothy’s Soft Touch

Dorothy’s Soft Touch is a non-profit corporation established in 2002 but the history behind the company dates
back to 1987. The company's name has special meaning and is a part of history! The name Dorothy comes from a woman that not only had love for seniors but a passion to help everyone in need. She made several sacrifices in her own life so that she would be able to help all individuals in need of assistants. Soft Touch comes from the tender and soft touch that Dorothy presented to everyone. Our organization strives on building a strong relationship with the community and focuses on each individuals needs on a one on one base.

Mission Statement:


Our mission is to assist older adults with the best quality of care by keeping them independent and productive in the community.


By providing support to the community, Dorothy’s Soft Touch partners with different organizations that offer in-home services, medical, therapeutic care and transportation. We also provide support to their families and helps with receiving information for resources that fits their situation.